We're the only state that does it, but that's never stopped us before.
Q and Kari snap pics ... Chaplik trolls the Indigenous Peoples Caucus ... And he's new to this, so what exactly are the Proud Boys?
The Arizona Opioid Epidemic Act, approved in a special session called by Gov. Doug Ducey, has led to some successes, but isn't causing a decrease in op…
Blood In Blood Out is not a good model for corrections officers ... Arizona is onboarding more new politicians ... And a little Spanish guitar to start…
The number of ballots is too damn high! ... Cyber Ninjas still can't count ... Also, it's Hank's birthday so pony up the $7 already.
Or better yet, why do we elect these positions?
If Doug is solving the problem, why do we need Joe? ... Local folk make good ... and welcome to Kari's Arizonia!
Stop the spread, don't subsidize it ... Resignations abound ... And if you like Twitter toxicity, you're gonna love Governor Kari Lake.
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