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Everyone who's worked in a high-risk environment has gone through those table-top drills. My most stressful example was at Fort Scott with a 2-Star in fatigues barking loudly at anyone who disappointed him in the slightest - just - of course - to add stress to see who would crack.

I'm glad someone realizes the potential for an epic shit-storm in 2022. You cannot conceivably over-prepare. You cannot conceivably go too far off the charts on insanely disruptive threats and actions. It is more than conceivable that armed people would fire shots into crowds in November if their maniac spirit-leader told them to do so.

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True the Vote’s cell phone ping analysis at the location of the 39 Maricopa County’s ballot drop boxes found that 202 intermediaries made 4,282 separate visits to ballot boxes in Maricopa County.

If they were carrying 10 ballots a visit, that would be 43,000 illegal votes.

Now, who in Maricopa County is analyzing that ping data to see if it is real? Who is giving deposing those 202 intermediaries and giving them immunity to see what they were doing? Who was paying them? Who is giving their bosses immunity to see what they were doing?

There many of us who never thought the voting machines were compromised, but needed to be checked for sure.

Those same people knew that, if there was fraud, it would show up in mail-in ballots. So, is the True the vote analysis correct?

Maricopa County certainly won't tell us or even look at the data.

The courts had to slap them down like a cur dog to get them to obey the law.

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