Post-session therapy time

The Arizona Legislature will probably, hopefully, adjourn sine die today, capping off a dramatic six-month session.

We’ve been working hard to keep you up to date on all the shit happening in Arizona politics.

But since we only have a short window of downtime between sine die and ballots hitting mailboxes, we’re taking the next two weeks off to take care of business before our Substack advance money dries up.

Remember: After our one-year anniversary on August 16, we’ll be fully dependent on your support to keep doing this. So please, if you value what we’re doing, help us keep doing it.

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We’ll be back in your inbox on Monday, July 11. In the meantime, we’re starting some election season projects and and taking a few days to recharge around Independence Day. We hope you can do the same.

But before we take off, we want to commiserate about the joys and miseries of the democratic process. So we’re opening a discussion here, where you can leave a comment. We want to know: What was your legislative session highlight and lowlight? We especially love hearing about an unsung heroes or moments that didn’t get the spotlight.

Reach out if you need us. Talk to you soon!