Mar 18

The story behind the 1487 story: Let's talk about it

We're back with another audio snippet of Rachel and Hank talking about the Arizona Legislature and its antics, this time all about the state vs. cities.

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As we’ve done the past two weeks, we have a little behind-the-scenes audio episode where Rachel and Hank (the co-founders of this newsletter) discuss our latest piece of original reporting. For past iterations, check out the podcast about Marco Lopez and about our fledgling business.

This week, we took a look back at a law that’s been stuck in our craw for more than five years: Senate Bill 1487. If you haven’t read this morning’s deep-dive into the law and its consequences, you should do that first.

We’re big fans of this genre of story, where you look back to see how something worked and look forward to see how things could change. What’s past is prologue and all that. Rachel was thinking about 1487 a couple months ago and went searching for the definitive look-back piece, but didn’t find it, so here we are.

In the audio episode, you’ll hear us discuss the story and some of the things that landed on the cutting room floor during our reporting. And below this, you’ll see our roundup of the stories we read as we reported on 1487 and preemption laws.

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