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I have several public record requests into Maricopa County. I am mainly interested in the video recorded of the ballot drop box at 510 South 3rd Avenue during the 2020 election.

True the Vote, an election integrity organization, undoubtedly requested and received that same video. So, the file should be available with one line of code.

When I first requested the video, Maricopa County responded by asking for the "exact location" of the ballot box.

That seemed strange because an elected official, at the very highest levels of Maricopa County, had told me, via his obviously official twitter account (many tweets) that Maricopa County had only one ballot drop box.

If you only have one ballot drop box, how can there be any doubt as to its exact location? So, armed with a google images photo of the drop box and a 250 foot measuring tape, I drove to the parking lot of 510 S 3rd Avenue.

Only to find that the ballot drop box in the parking lot that serves 510 South 3rd Avenue (smack dab in front of the elections office), was obviously not the one in the picture.

Unfortunately, it was a Saturday or otherwise I could have gone right into the office and asked for an explanation.

By examining the google picture closely, it dawned on me that they had moved the ballot drop box from the west end of the parking lot to south middle of the parking lot. Plus, they had put up a security fence that had obscured the google image picture.

So, I was able to give them the "exact" location of where the ballot drop box had been located during the 2020 election. Which happened to be about 20 feet from a security camera.

That was April 15. Haven't heard from them to tell me my video is ready. So, reluctantly, I have begun the process of suing them, talking to an attorney.

It also turns out that the elected official was wrong. There were at least 39 unmanned ballot drop boxes in Maricopa County, ballot drop boxes separate from polling locations.

True the Vote, analyzing cell phone ping data, says that 202 intermediaries made 4,282 visits to Maricopa County ballot drop boxes. At five ballots per visit, that's over 20,000 harvested and illegal votes.

Biden won Arizona by 14,000 votes.

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