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I’m sorry, but I think the link to the Andy Biggs $10m prize should have been in the “What we’re laughing at” section. 😂😆

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Kari Lake should just take the L. It can stand for "loser" or "loony"--her choice.

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Kelly Ward was still attacking the McCain family after the primary, after her selected candidates had won. Incredible! When she desperately needed them for the general election. In McCain's home state. Dysfunctional.

In 2016, 2/3 of Democrat primary voters believed that Russians hacked the voting machines, changing votes from Clinton to Trump. Numerous Democrats voted to block Trump's election. They had gone insane.

In 2020, it was the Republican's turn. It developed into an elaborate cargo cult. Cargo cults got their name after World War II when the U.S. was performing parachute food drops onto Pacific Islands. Natives of these islands developed elaborate rituals to appease and entice the gods that dropped these supplies.

In 2006, State Senator Karen Johnson passed legislation requiring audits of machines. A random sample of polling centers and candidates is selected for the audit. The presidential race is always hand counted.

Eleven of the fifteen Arizona counties perform these audits of machines after the 2020 election. The cargo cult paid no attention to these audits. Never asked why four counties didn't perform the audits and look into that further. Never asked why, in another four counties, the counted results didn't match the machine counts and look into that further. Never ran legislation to update the auditing process for election changes since 2006.

The truly bizarre aspect now is that there is every reason to believe that the Democrats cheated, cheated massively in this election and there are lots of statistical ways to do the analysis: if you have the voter file. Unfortunately, I don't.

The Demcrats had the ethics, the motive and the means to cheat. They had already spent $12 million concocting the Russia hoax and they and their NGO allies likely spent $2.5 billion in this election.

They admitted this:

John Featherston from Husch Blackwell on the Horizon show: "Ballot harvesting is a law addressing a problem that doesn't exist....this idea that people were fraudulently collecting ballots, changing them...doesn't reflect how sophisticated our mail-in ballot system is in this state, you can't tamper with ballots"

That's a flat out false statement.

"Authorities say Fuentes, a former San Luis mayor, ran a sophisticated operation using her status in Democratic politics in the Arizona border city to persuade voters to let her gather and, in some cases, fill out their ballots."

The "election integrity" unit of the AG only ran this case because Fuentes was so brazen and nonchalant about the case that she filled out the ballots in public and was on video committing the crime.

If you fill out and sign someone else's ballot, the odds of it being accepted by Maricopa County are 97%. If you used some of your $2 billion to buy a copy of the Maricopa County signature file, or the Arizona Drivers license signature file, the odds would be 100%.

In the Maricopa County report, addressing the various charges hurled at them by the cargo cult, there were less than 2 paragraphs dealing, only remotely, with signature file security.

Featherstone went on to say: "...the Democratic party is finding ways around that [ballot harvesting laws]..."

Ted Simons did not follow up to ask him: "what are those ways?"

Public Policy research journals list a variety of statistical tests that can be run on election results, comparing past elections outcomes to current outcomes for the specific purpose of detecting the possibility of fraud. Neither the AG "election integrity" unit, Maricopa County Recorder nor the Secretary of State have performed those tests on Arizona voter files.

Nor has there been any type of audit of voter registration files, mail-in ballot requests or voting. We've audited financial reports for over 600 years but have yet to audit an election controlling a $22 trillion per year economy (the U.S.) or a $425 billion per year economy (Arizona).

An audit of voting machines is not an audit of an election, not even close.

In the 1800s, it took decades to reform the corruption of the political process and move to same day voting. We are back in that sewer. May take decades again.

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I'm already a subscriber but I still want to say thanks to Rachel for keeping this going at a stressful time

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