You can't take Dave Biscobing down that easy ... The giant Christmas tree is finally up ... And we already have anti-abortion laws on the books.
Better late than never ... Get off my (school's) lawn ... And talk about strange bedfellows.
He doesn't even go here ... Did someone say converted golf course? ... And real Arizonians don't exist.
Lots to catch up on after the long weekend ... Lots to do before the New Year ... And The Donald sees our news.
COVID-19 is still spiking ... Hydroxychloroquine still isn't a cure ... and Ted Nugent still impresses.
The veteran lawmaker decided against running for re-election in the Arizona Senate, saying he just wants to be a regular guy again
Does nobody remember Tom Horne? ... Multiple Fernandez are called Fernandi ... Raise your hand if Brnovich has asked about your sex life.
At what point does a hole become a grave? ... More new faces at the Capitol ... And it was chicken lo mein, duh.
On war, what comes after it, and using ambition as a crutch
Thank God for cowboys ... Back in Bob Robb's day, they deliberated ... And was that an endorsement of crack?
Arizona canceled federal unemployment benefits in favor of bonuses meant to entice people to go back to work. It’s unclear what happens with all the un…
A final straw for the regular offender ... Republican governors are in town ... And someone badly needs a civics class.