So this is what we subscribe to the Arizona agenda for? A rant against Ken Bennett? How about letting us know what he said, a little reporting maybe?

What were those figures on his white sheet all about?

What are the remaining pieces of the audit to be performed?

In 2006, as Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, I was the person who negotiated the "audits" that you tout as substantiating the election. Elections have evolved since 2006, that random sample of candidates and election locations has not.

It needs to be updated.

But, more importantly, you need to know that an audit of voting machines is not an audit of an election. There are many, many other ways that an election can be rigged.

This is why Bennett's description of the remaining audit processes is so important.

We know, and you know, that the Democrats actively cheated and that the cheating won them the presidential election. How do we know? Because we are not stupid. A political party that would pay $12 million to fabricate a "Russian Dossier" that trashed our politics for four years would easily pay $100 million out of their $2 billion in campaign spending to steal an entire election.

And, we know that Hillary Clinton is that kind of person.

We just don't know how yet. But, we always knew that it wasn't the machines.

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