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On constitutionality of bills - I interned in the Senate Rules office in 2012 and received a white paper from the bill sponsor arguing the constitutionality of a bill (I think it was one of the Mexican wolf bills?) and the first citation, supporting property rights, was to the Dredd Scott decision! That long-ago overturned Supreme Court case that held that Black persons (slave or free) are not US citizens and therefore have no rights (and are property). Gave me a lot of insight into where some of these bills come from. I don't recall the rules committee ever holding a bill because we recommended it may violate the constitution (US or state).

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So I'm only slightly creepy? ;) Ironically, I agree with what you've said and have attempted every non-"nuclear" method available over the last 3 years in an effort to get access to our public records. It's ridiculous that I've had to resort to the tactics of last resort. In the case of citizen petitions (at least, at the City), I believe they were put into the Charter as a last resort when all else has failed. Amazingly, there is a decent chance that even this silver bullet will not penetrate the thick walls of an echo chamber. On April 20th, we will find out.

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